The Transformation - Nelson's Story

When we first saw Nelson aka"Nino" at an NYC shelter, we had no way of knowing that this terribly sad lab who looked into our eyes was so very much more than he appeared. He was underweight and weak with crusty scabs on his face and body, patches of bare skin and a massive ear infection, his condition making him look so much older than his 4 years. Unbelievably, there was still a faint glimmer of a tail wag when you spoke to him. After being transported directly to our vets and treated, he went into foster care. His transformation after only 4 weeks in foster care was dramatic. This dignified gentleman showed us joy from simple things, trust, patience and most of all how to smile. Take the time to see what's inside of them and not what people did to them and you will be forever richer. Nelson was adopted by Susan LaPlant & family. He resides in Maine with his chocolate lab brother Jake and is enjoying the "good life" with swimming, camping and boating, but most of all is finally loved as part of a family.