Overcoming the Odds - Dash's Story

Dash was surrendered as a 6mth old puppy weighing only 23 lbs (weight of 14 wk puppy) severely malnourished and dehydrated. He was diagnosed with a severe congenital condition called canine megaesophagus. With MegaE there is no muscle contraction of the esophagus to push food into the stomach, so food remains in the esophagus, is than regurgitated; resulting in starvation and dehydration. Given proper medical care, medications, diet change of small meals and fed in a “Bailey’s” chair made by his foster dad (to aid digestion) Dash went on to be adopted by John & Carol Wood after spending almost 1 yr. in foster care. He now weighs over 50lbs, runs, swims, and enjoys a “labs” life. He is an inspiration to all that you can't ever give up, no matter how bad things look.