Connie's Sunshine - A Rescued Lab's Story

My name is Sunshine. I am a two year old yellow lab who has spent the last 4 months tied up outside for 24 hours a day. The mailman was the only person who talked to me. One day a lady from Lab Rescue showed up at my house and told my mean owner that she wanted to adopt me. He agreed and the nice lady came to get me the next day. What a beautiful feeling it was when she untied my rope. She put me into a car and brought me to a vet. Even though I was in a cage I was happy because I was warm. I did not like being outside in the winter. The vet checked me over and gave me a bath. The nice lady came back and I got back in her car. I was so scared that she was going to take me back to my mean owner. We drove for a while and stopped at a different house. When I got out of the car an older lady with reddish hair met me. She kissed my head and said,"Welcome to a beautiful life." What was going on? She took me inside her house and kept hugging me. She took off my collar and let me walk around. There were a lot of strange things in her house. On the floor there was this round, fuzzy thing that I soon learned was a bed. In a basket I saw a round object, a squeaky thing and a fuzzy animal. I learned that these were called toys and they were for me!!!!!! As I walked around I saw two bowls. I sniffed what was inside. One of them had a smooth liquid. I licked it and loved how soft it was on my throat. I did not recognize it as water because mine was always frozen. In the other bowl there were kernels that smelled like chicken. It was delicious food that was not cold and did not have dirt in it. The lady let me go on her couch and she covered me with a blanket. When it was time to go to bed she let me go on her bed and there we slept for the entire night. The next day it started to snow. The lady did something really weird. She pushed open all of the window shades in the house. Then she brought me to a window and said,"From now on you will look at snow from the inside." Then she hugged and kissed me and started to sing "You Are My Sunshine".