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Many of the labs coming into our care are suffering from injuries, illnesses, or neglect and it is part of our mission to make sure they receive the care they need to go on to healthy, active, full lives. Our adoption fee covers only the most basic vetting for our labs - vaccinations, basic bloodwork, spay/neuter - so we rely on the generosity of people like you to help us take care of the labs with special needs. Please read below about our labs currently in medical care. If you can help in any amount, please use the Paypal links below. To donate to our general medical fund, use the link immediately below. If to wish to contribute to a specific lab's care, use the link below their name. All of our special labs and we thank you!

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Chloe is an ~9yr old chocolate female rescued from an overcrowded Long Island shelter. 
She definitely was someone's companion as  she is neat & clean in the house, knows obedience commands and loves to sleep on couches.   She is very strong and spry for her age and didn't get the memo about her "senior status". 
Unfortunately, after completing  bloodwork, urine analysis and xrays, the tests confirmed 5 very large kidney stones. After a course of medication and prescription diet that failed to impact the size of the stones, Chloe underwent major surgery on May 30th to remove the stones as well as a large fatty tumor. 

She is recuperating in her foster home & has proven to be very resilient given the extent of this surgery.   She is feeling so much better and the quality of her life will improve dramatically.   Her sutures will be removed June 15th and she is now ready for adoption.  We know from her stay in foster care that she gets along with other dogs (has 2 foster lab sisters) and according to her foster mom has seen no negative behavior.      If you'd like a well mannered companion in your life that has a zest for life and will put a smile on your face, please meet Chloe.   Chloe will have to remain on a prescription diet long term to make sure kidney stones do not return.  She is in foster care on Long Island.  

Please consider a donation in any amount to help us with Chloe's medical expenses and surgery.

UPDATE 9/15/13 
Chloe has made a full recovery from kidney surgery.   She was adopted by Lisa, who recently retired from NYFD  Lisa & Chloe are enjoying retirement together and were a perfect match for each other!