2012 Year In Review

As the New Year approaches, our thoughts turn to the wonderful Labradors that have touched our hearts this year; those who have found their forever homes and those who we have lost this year. They teach us all lessons about gratitude for small kindnesses and their resilience to change.

It truly takes a community of dedicated volunteers and professionals to rescue and rehome just one Labrador. Our thanks to all of our volunteers, fosters, trainers and rescue partners who continue to support our
mission. Special thanks to our donors whose sponsorship and generosity funded specialized medical care for our Labradors.   Our thanks as well to the many veterinarians who cared for our labs this year but especially to Dr. Joe Farmaloe who spent weeks caring for Sonny, as well as boarding and vetting labs directly from shelters on Long Island & NYC.

Last year we had over 50 adoptions, this year approximately half of that because we concentrated our efforts in support services since this year was unlike any other we have seen. Some Labradors came into rescue
because of Hurricane Sandy, families losing their homes, military deployments but this year we also saw a major increase of owners who could no longer care for their labs. Many families needed assistance in a variety of ways (including medical care & training) which enabled them to keep their labs. We’ve been able to offer medical assistance to senior owners to meet the needs of their aging Labradors, like Boomer who suffers
from severe allergies and Bella who needed pain medication for chronic arthritis. There has also been cooperative efforts between many state and local animal welfare organizations.

We are always asked about updates on some of our Labs. The following are updates on a few who many have inquired about: Buddy, Scooby &
Johnny. All were adopted last year after long stays in foster care. Buddy, our yellow lab with severe allergies, was adopted by a physician and continues to do well. He lives in CT with his new family & Golden Retriever brother. Scooby, a military surrender who had to undergo extensive heartworm treatments was adopted by his fosters, Roz & Don. They are long time fosters who always come to the aid of our more difficult medical and behavioral situations. He shares his home with 2 other black Labrador brothers. Johnny, a 4 yr old yellow male, from a NYC shelter, found a perfect home in Ridgefield, CT.   His new family understood the training & exercise needs of an athletic retriever. He shares his new home with 3 other yellow Labradors.

This New Year is a time to reflect on our blessings and the good will of so many. Our story is not just about the Labradors that come into our care but the families whose lives are enriched because of having this special breed as a member. We are so very grateful to our adopters and repeat adopters.   It never ceases to amaze us that our “rescued” labs were throw away members of our society, the majority rescued from shelters or abandoned. Given a second chance, they have gone on to become
loving members of new families, therapy dogs as well as working dogs with law enforcement…truly making a difference in the human lives they touch. In turn, we have been touched by their gentle spirit, kind heart and devotion. My hope for the New Year is that we will all hold each other a little closer and treasure each and every moment we have with those w
e lo

Warmest wishes for a Happy & Healthy New Year,


Kathy Lifland, President, LRRCT, Inc.

Roz Nenninger, NW Regional Coordinator


Here are the final statistics for 2012:


Total intakes: 21


     Total adoptions:

            Seniors (8+): 5

            Adults (1-7): 10     

            Young (<1): 3   


    Currently in foster: 1

    Transfer to Newfoundland Rescue: 1